Good Society Manifesto

Dignified life free of fear


We want to live in a world where everyone - and that means every single human being - lives a dignified life free of fear. To achieve this we start with our daily effort to build a 'good society' - defined as a community where everyone can live a 'dignified life free of fear' - and increase the wellbeing of its members.

We do not think that realization of this vision is a charitable work or a nice aspiration. Rather it is a moral duty of every person who already lives such a life. This is also our mission.

We know that ideas might be the most powerful thing in the world. They might lead to a creation or destruction, to liberation or totalitarianism. To reach their potential ideas do require a conscious effort though. Curated space and process support a mindset necessary for such effort.

Good Society Institute is an Idea Tank - new type of organization focused on reflection and contemplation of ideas. Some of those ideas might lead to an action - others won't; therefore it is not a ‘think tank’ focused on research papers or a ‘do tank’ taking a stream of actions.

Process of dialogue and reflection leads to an alteration of the minds of those involved - in the same way in which two colours of plasticine used in modelling by children leave a trace of each other in each other even after separation. To create a virtous circle - where the aforementioned process supports addressing the challenges faced by humans - a focus is placed on involving in the dialogue those who have energy and will to improve the state of the world. In this sense the World Economic Forum's motto is an inspiration also to us.

Any idea or thought which takes a concrete written form and is published by any of the participants will be available for free to the public. It might be referenced to the Good Society Institute but we are not bend on brand building. We are also not bend on self-promotion. World is overcrowded with self-promotion and communiqués which are exactly that: announcements aimed to promote a given person, organization, cause. When people are bombarded with egocentric communications then an area for reflection and contemplation of ideas is lost.

Instead of self-promotion and monologues we chose to follow Socratic method as a way of fostering critical thinking and drawing out ideas. Humbleness, modesty and decency are virtues that underpin a real self-confidence as opposed to an arrogant egotism.

We build two branches:

GSI / R3M as a structure is a non-profit foundation registered in Poland since 2011.

The one thing of which we are sure is that everyone deserves to live a dignified life free of fear. That is a bare minimum that each of us should strive to safeguard for others. A moral obligation which we owe to others and to ourselves.

We are open to collaborate with every one who does subscribe to this vision. If you are interested please contact us at or at